Helpful Website Information

Working with Graphic Designers – Design Pack for Websites

Have you ever had a client or know a business that needs a good website but you just didn’t know how to do the website part?

This is where we could team up to make it easy for you to get the website done. No need to miss out on the work.

If you are a graphic designer and want to offer websites to a business I have the following idea on how we can both make some money from this.

I’ll do the website build and you do the website design.

Before You Buy a Website Ask These 5 Important Questions

It is really important to be clear on a few things before you go and buy a website.

5 important websites questions that are on the top of my list would be:

  1. Who will own the website?
  2. Where will the website be hosted
  3. Does it use a CMS (Content Management System)
  4. Does it use any plugins

Make Money with Website Referrals

You can make $100 or $200 per sale, it’s kinda easy too.

Earn $100-$200 with every website referral that ends in a sale. Please read the details below that will make it easier for you to make sales via a referral.

In short, you can use this website as a sales tool and when someone wants to order a website they will use the order form. The order form has a question to fill in that asks for the person who referred them to buy a Hassle Free Website.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

There are three types of websites which relate to how much does a website costs and they are:

  1. Free Website
  2. Template Website
  3. Custom Website

With a Hassle Free Website, I take some good bits from the last two types of website options. This helps to keep the website prices down while still giving your website a touch of custom design based on your business.

5 Good On-Page SEO Tips

Here are some easy on-page SEO tactics you can apply to your website. These SEO tips will help build on the overall SEO of a website.

I use these handy SEO techniques on all Hassle Free Websites too.

The 5 on-page SEO tips I will cover are

  1. Keyword Focus
  2. Page Title
  3. Page URL
  4. Image Naming
  5. Image Alt Tags

Keyword Focus

Its good to have a list of keywords that relate to your service to use carefully throughout your website.

Page Title

Using a keyword here is crucial. For example, on this website, the focus is for people looking for a hassle free website. That keyword phrase ” hassle free website” is used in the title. When you google that then this website turns up in the results.

Page URL

Here is another great place to use a keyword. eg

Image Naming

Where possible once again use a keyword in the naming of the image files.

Image Alt Tags

Don’t forget to add alt tag descriptions.

Explaining the Website Layout

The BROCHURE website layout uses some of the most popular fundamental positions of content on the web today for sharing content. When people see your website they will already be familiar with its layout thus making it easier for them to use.

The website will be mobile-friendly which means it will be easy to read on mobile, tablet and desktop screens.

Your website will have a custom colour scheme created based on your business. Colours can be selected from your existing logo or other promotional material. Only with discussing this with you and a review of the colour scheme will the website design go ahead, more details are on the process page about that.