Hassle Free Process to Get You Going

Read What You Get & Need Below

Pick your Hassle Free Website Option

Consultation & Review the Design

Final Payment & Website Goes Live

The following information outlines and simplifies (if it doesn’t then let me know!) the process to follow if you decide to buy a Hassle Free Website.

To Order a Hassle Free Website

Review your website options

There are 3 options to choose from on the prices page (this page also explains the details of what each feature of the website is). Select which option is most fitting for your business. If you are not sure then get in touch and we can work it out together.

The BROCHURE website will use the following fundamental mobile friendly layout (unless you choose the BUSINESS FOCUS Website which has a customised layout). You can read more about the layout in detail where I explain each section and what it does (reasons why it is good).

hassle free website wireframe
Hassle Free Website layout to use for the visual design. You can read more about the layout

Then follow these steps:

  1. Place an order on the prices page (no payment is required at this point)
  2. I then email you a form that covers the following items needed to begin the website:
    1. Have a list of website pages you would like to have.
    2. If you have a logo, have this ready to email
    3. One photo to use on the homepage as the main feature photo (you can email more through later or add these as you like to the website)
    4. Colours to use, you may have some colours you already like, otherwise we can decide on these depending upon the nature of your work/business.
    5. Your contact details for displaying on the website
    6. Any social media accounts you would like the website to link to.
    7. Have your Web Hosting details ready. If you don’t have web hosting I can provide you with Hassle Free Web Hosting. I also offer domain name registration too if you don’t already have this done.
  3. Make 50% payment for the first part of preparing your website design and colours.
  4. I start working on your website with consultation (questions about your business) with you.
  5. I then email you a visual of how your website will look with the selected colours, your logo and photo.
  6. You review this, we discuss if there needs to be any modifications.
  7. When the design is signed off I’ll convert it into code and we start adding all the pages and content.
  8. Once that is done, final payment is made and the website is uploaded to your web hosting account, ready for the world to see.

What Next & Support?

Every website owner will then have full access to online video tutorials on how to edit and add content to your website. You can view these online video tutorials anytime and as much as you like for free. Even though after a few times you will quickly become a master at updating your own website.

I also provide the service for updating your website too for those people wanting additional help or pressed for time.

View Website Prices & Order when Ready