Website Prices & Options

(Explanation of each feature item below & call if you need advice)


  • $2799 +gst
  • Order Now
  • Features

  • Custom Homepage Layout
  • Business Focused Design
  • Up to 20 Pages
  • On-Page SEO
  • All Content Added *
  • Contact Form
  • News Section
  • Mobile Friendly Layout
  • Video Tutorials for Updating
  • Website Hosting *
  • Domain Name Registration *
  • BROCHURE Website

  • $1899 +gst
  • Order Now
  • Features

  • Mobile Friendly Layout
  • Up to 6 Pages
  • On-Page SEO
  • All Content Added *
  • Contact Form
  • Video Tutorials for Updating
  • Website Hosting *
  • Domain Name Registration *
  • Order BROCHURE Now

Features Explained

Mobile Friendly Layout

The layout is well tested and works really well on mobile, tablets and desktop screens. You can read more about the layout here.

1 Page Only

This is good for people who just want the basics online. Can have up to 3 photos and 500 word maximum. Includes two changes of text per year if required.

Up to 7 Pages

This is a good amount of pages to give a good overview of your core services and give people an insight into what you are offering.

Up to 20 pages

For those businesses that have a greater depth to what they are offering and require more pages.

On-Page SEO

Focus on structuring code around keywords to help with on-page SEO.

All Content Added *

To make this as hassle free as possible I will add all your content to the website if provided within the first two weeks. Otherwise this can be done easily by following the video tutorials.

Contact Form

Contact forms are helpful to keep spam down to your email address while also letting you ask a few questions specifically on the form.

Video Tutorials for Updating

This is the good part, when and if you need to update your website you can easily do it with the help of online videos.

Custom Homepage Layout

This is for those websites that need that extra boost to help draw more attention to specific pages in the website.

Business focused design

Diving a little deeper into the way you do business and design around a website goal.

News Section

This is a great option to have to help continual promote aspects of your business while also increasing your website on-page SEO.

Website Hosting *

Web Hosting is offered free for the first year if you require website hosting. After the first year the fee will be $360 which includes keeping the website system updated. Please note web hosting does not provide email accounts but I can recommend using Google G-Suite account, which I can help you with.

Domain Name Registration *

Domain name registration is offered free for the first year if you require a domain name. The domain name will be registered in your name or your businesses name. After the first year the fee will be $40 per year.

More Options

Web Hosting

If you don't already have web hosting then I can provide this for you. A Hassle Free Web Hosting package consists of keeping your website system up to date while also making periodic back-ups.

Domain Name Registration

If you are needing a domain name registered then that can be arranged. It is recommend to register a and if available the .com version too.

Email Accounts

A good reliable email account would be to use a free Gmail account. If you would like the email address to use your domain name then using a Gmail Business G Suite Account may be a good choice for you.

Photo / Image Preparation

If you have photos that you need prepared before adding to the website I offer this as a service too.

Image Gallery

Like to have a dedicated page for displaying images in a gallery style then this feature can be added.

Forms with power

Have forms that can collect all types of data, make bookings or get more specific details.