Make Money with Website Referrals

You can make $100 or $200 per sale, it’s kinda easy too.

Earn $100-$200 with every website referral that ends in a sale. Please read the details below that will make it easier for you to make sales via a referral.

In short, you can use this website as a sales tool and when someone wants to order a website they will use the order form. The order form has a question to fill in that asks for the person who referred them to buy a Hassle Free Website.

Once you know the person has made the order you can either ring or send an email letting me know of the person’s name who will/has ordered.

Once the order is placed and the first payment is made, you will receive 100% payment for your sale.

You get

  • $100 for the ONE Page Website
  • $150 for the BROCHURE Website
  • $200 for the BUSINESS FOCUS website

I’ll now cover the main points that will help guide you on how to make a website sale via referral.

Advice to help make a website sale will cover:

  • What to refer – website options
  • How to help make the sale – helpful sayings
  • Final ordering page

Expand on the above advice.

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