Increase in Phone Calls & Work Secured

Business Name: Invisible Investigations

Why did you need a website?

I had made one myself a website on squarespace, with little idea of what I required. I understood it had to provide a solution to peoples problems regarding Private Investigation and sell the phone call in order to secure work. The problem was not my google ads since I had many visitors click on my ads, the problem was the look, content and marketing of my website since I receive a super low volume of calls. The most obvious problem of my site was it didn’t translate well on to the mobile phone where I received the most activity, due to the secretive nature of my business.

Where you happy with the process of getting a new website?

Yes, Bjarni constructed a solution to my problems by understanding them from the beginning. There was no misunderstanding, zero unnecessary wasted time going back and forth. The website was done within a timely manner. Hassle free was the nature of the experience.

What do you think about your website now?

I believe I am now in a good position to be highly competitive in my marketplace. I have received only positive feed back on the quality and finish of my site, not just from friends but from those highly critical and knowledgeable within the marketing arena. The proof is in the pudding. The pudding being my Hassle Free website the proof, an obvious increase in phone calls and work secured, resulting in a noticeable increased of income.

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Custom website for Private Investigation website.

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