How Much Does a Website Cost?

There are three types of websites which relate to how much does a website costs and they are:

  1. Free Website
  2. Template Website
  3. Custom Website

With a Hassle Free Website, I take some good bits from the last two types of website options. This helps to keep the website prices down while still giving your website a touch of custom design based on your business.

Let’s look at the cost factors for the three types of websites. Please note all prices are in Australian dollars.

Free Website Costs

There are a few online services that offer free websites. You just need to invest your time into learning how to use their services.

What you will find though once you need a new function on the website then there will be a charge to do so. For example, custom domain name, website metrics, SSL security, promotional pop-ups etc.

Here are some cost examples (dated 14/02/18) from companies that offer free websites.

  • Squarespace: $16-$25 per month
  • Squarespace E-commerce: $34-$52 per month
  • Weebly: $10-$30 per month
  • Weebly Online Store: $10-$46 per month
  • Wix: $5-$30 per month
  • $5-$33 per month

With most free websites have in mind there is a learning curve to get one up and running.

Template Website Costs

When your website budget is limited then looking to have a complete custom website designed from scratch may not be a viable option.

Looking at an existing template website design may be a good solution for you. These can range from prices like $39 to $200 (some are even free).

Sometimes what you will find is that a web designer / web agency may use a starter theme / existing template website design and can charge prices like $1500 – $5000 for the website. This is because there may be additional modifications needed to be done to the website template. These type of prices may also include doing some SEO and creating / adding content to the website. Be sure to ask the developer for a cost of modifcations.

Custom Website Costs

Now when it comes to a custom designed website and the related costs then this can really be unlimited. By unlimited, I mean what you find on the larger custom websites there will be an ongoing team looking after the website. Think of a website like Amazon or eBay (this is an extreme example).

For the small to medium custom website businesses, you can find websites costing around $5000 – $50,000.

When it comes to custom websites, it can be broken down into

  • custom design
  • photography
  • UX design
  • On-page SEO strategy
  • copywriter
  • website architecture
  • accessibility
  • project management

The list could go on too, but you get the idea of the deeper aspects of a custom website. When it comes to a custom website, a budget will limit how much time and resources can go into the above points with the website.

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