Working with Graphic Designers – Design Pack for Websites

Have you ever had a client or know a business that needs a good website but you just didn’t know how to do the website part?

This is where we could team up to make it easy for you to get the website done. No need to miss out on the work.

If you are a graphic designer and want to offer websites to a business I have the following idea on how we can both make some money from this.

I’ll do the website build and you do the website design.

Making the website design even easier for you.

With the websites I am creating they are of two types, one that uses a standard layout and the second option includes a custom layout design which uses design blocks. The design blocks are then added to the custom layout.

I’ll supply for you all the design files (eg standard layout & custom layout with design blocks) as a layered photoshop file with well-named folders to make it easy for you to create the design with the particular web design blocks.

With the custom layout, it uses unique design blocks. For example a Hero design block or a Highlight design block. Within the above mentioned photoshop files, these design blocks have their own folder with the PSD file so you can drag the layer folder around into position and then style as you like.

How much money can you make?

I’ll be offering 40% for the medium website package and 50% on the top end custom website package. View the website prices.

So once you get a client who needs a website you can sell them on either of the top two options, you won’t even need to show them this website, you can have your own selling spiel if you like.

The good thing too is that this website will be a good resource for you to be able to answer questions, for example have a look at the website process page which explains what they will need to do or the options page on what they will get.

If interested then please get in touch or if you have any questions.

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