5 Good On-Page SEO Tips

Here are some easy on-page SEO tactics you can apply to your website. These SEO tips will help build on the overall SEO of a website.

I use these handy SEO techniques on all Hassle Free Websites too.

The 5 on-page SEO tips I will cover are

  1. Keyword Focus
  2. Page Title
  3. Page URL
  4. Image Naming
  5. Image Alt Tags

Keyword Focus

Its good to have a list of keywords that relate to your service to use carefully throughout your website.

Page Title

Using a keyword here is crucial. For example, on this website, the focus is for people looking for a hassle free website. That keyword phrase ” hassle free website” is used in the title. When you google that then this website turns up in the results.

Page URL

Here is another great place to use a keyword. eg

Image Naming

Where possible once again use a keyword in the naming of the image files.

Image Alt Tags

Don’t forget to add alt tag descriptions.

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