Hassle Free, YES Please

I’ve been building websites for over 15 years — solving many clients’ marketing problems — so your website will be both professional and effective for an entry level website.

Bjarni Wark Freelance Designer
Bjarni Wark is the person behind Hassle Free websites. Bjarni has over 15 years of industry experience in web development. Photo taken while working onsite wth a team of 7 people building the Lions Hearing Dogs website.

By choosing a Hassle Free Website you will be able to enjoy working with a person who understands the fundamentals of a good website.

I’ll also be saving your time if you know it can be better spent on the things you are good at with running your business.

On this page, I’ll focus on the main good aspects and a bit behind Hassle Free Website. I suggest reading the process and prices page too.

If you are more of a person who likes to talk on the phone then happy for you to call me.

Website Benefits Outlined

A website that is kept simple

By this I mean I have seen some people buy or try and build a website that was so overloaded with “bells & whistles” that it was just slowing the website down and also making it very confusing to use.

With a Hassle Free website I have kept the website structure very light and easy to use. It has the fundamental aspects of a website that you can easily update or add content to with the use of helpful video tutorials.

Edit your own content with easy video tutorials

The good thing is initially I’ll add all your content for you if you have it ready within a set time.

Each website comes with helpful step by step video tutorials on how to edit and add content. By using the video tutorials you can add and edit the pages of your website in your own time.

Please feel free to get in contact if you need any further help if something is not clear for you. I can always make a new video for you showing you what you need to do.

Fundamental SEO in place

A Hassle free website has some of the fundamental good coding practices of on-page SEO. This helps search engines like Google to have your website turn up in the results page of a search.

There are also video tutorials for you to watch and learn some good SEO tips when adding content to your website too.

Designed for desktop, tablet and mobile screens

With today’s websites, it is a must that they work effectively¬†across any screen size.

A Hassle Free Website is optimised to work on small mobile screens, tablets and desktop computers.

What will the website look like?

The Hassle Free Website layout focuses on the fundamentals of 1000’s of websites, with a clear area of content and easy navigation. You can see the chosen layout and read about it on the Explaining the Website Layout page.

You can also check out the showcase page of other businesses who are using a Hassle free webste.

Easy Options with Great Prices

Nice & easy options with affordable pricing

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